Movable Floor

The movable floor technology of Messrs. AfW has been used in more than 800 swimming pools since more than 40 years. It is the “standard” of the movable floor technology. The plants, made in Germany, are solid and reliable, so that the full function without trouble is guaranteed for many years.

AfW Moovable Floors – varied and functional

With the movable floor of AfW the swimming pool becomes multifunctional. The possibilities are nearly unlimited: They can divide pools with movable walls, offer different water heights, increase an isle from the water to become a dancing area and so on.

Features of the AfW-Movable Floor Technology

  • Movable floor of concrete with ceramic plates.
  • Movable floor in leightweight construction, complete in stainless steel design, with mechanical drives (adjustement plates, spindle).
  • Fulfils all safety regulations of the GUV.
  • By movable stages, movable walls large pools can be changed individually into small units for different kind of use.
  • For wave operation the movable floor can be positioned slanted.
  • At movable floor position above the water surface events (e.g. dancing events, disco) are possible.
  • Operation-friendly closed hydraulic system.
  • Low maintenance and repair costs.
  • AfW also supplies the complete water treatment technology (like e.g. stream turbulence “system Hannover”) for swimming pools.


  • Movable floors of concrete: 4-columns and 1-column design with hydraulic drive.
  • Movable floors in lightweight construction of stainless steel (complete VA or cover of artificial material) with different driving systems, e.g. spindle (horizontal/ vertical), adjustement plates, hydraulic and chain drive.
  • Full or partial movable floor with subswimming protection.
  • Movable stages/walls and collapsible walls as pool division.
  • Movable walls.
  • Movable ladders of stainless steel.
  • Bubbler.
  • Complete accessories like e.g. pool hydraulic, attractions, sport equipment.

Advantages of AfW Moovable Floors

Proven Technology
  • Since 40 years more than 800 swimming pools, among other Olympic pools in Germany, Spain, Canada.
  • Simple system, nearly maintenance- free, low operation costs.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The hydraulic is equipped with 3 safety stages, the movable floor remains in its position also in case of leakage of a hydraulic pipe.
  • The distance between pool and movable floor edge as well as all openings are less than 8 mm. Below the movable floor min. 60 cm free space are planned (fulfilment of GUV regulations).
  • The hydraulic liquid is water soluble and fulfils the food regulations.
  • All hygienical and DIN regulations are fulfilled.
  • Very high loading capacities are possible due to hydraulically drive.
  • Concrete movable floors can be used as working stage.
  • Simple and reliable control.
  • Measuring of water depth operates infinitely variable, the horizontal synchronisation is controlled via balance.
  • Due to hydraulic holding, the movable floor remains standing in corresponding position in case of power failure.
  • The holding for the movable floors in ligtweight construction is achieved by self-locking driving spindles and motor brakes.

Range of Use

  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinic
  • Therapy
  • Pool
  • Competition Pools
  • Wave Pool
  • Pools and
  • Facilities for
  • handicapped
  • Persons
  • Fun
  • Pool
  • Pools for
  • Hotels and
  • Schools
  • Pool Scenery
  • Educational Pool
  • Diving
  • Pool
  • Sport Pools
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